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Mako Ref-sheet by TeddyLama
Mako Ref-sheet
Please download for better image, the file is a bit big! XP

A ref-sheet of pretty my old Naruto OC, Tomoshibi Mako, with a slightly updated design :P

I've been so excited after the latest chapters of Naruto, and I can't believe the manga will end in only 5 chapters! It's tearing me apart right now XD I'm so excited to see how it ends, but at the same time, I have no wish for it to end, so it's kinda a dilemma XP Also, I'm so goddamn excited for the next Naruto movie, Naruto: The last!!! O.o *fangirling* XD

Following is some information about Mako, most of this is taken from his old description as I want to keep as much as possible to him, that I still feel fits to him. I've done some small editing, though, and there might be some more minor editings later.

Tomoshibi Mako

Age: 19

Height: 1.77m

Weight: 56 kg

Gender: Male

Village: Kirigakure ( The Hidden Mist)

Rank: Jounin

Personality: Calm, quiet, long-tempered, tend to be a bit violent towards enemies, kind (Even though people do not seem to see that because he always looks so strict and serious), peace-loving.

Chakra-Element: Water, Lightning and Light ( Special for his clan, also explain his clan-name Tomoshibi, which means light).

Background:  As the Kaguya-clan rebelled against The Mist, Mako's family stood up as one of the stronger clans to defeat them because of there special jutsus involving the special chakra-element Light. Although their powers were strong, almost the entire clan got wiped out alongside the Kaguya.

As these battles were fought, Mako was only an infant. His parents and older sister got killed in the fights, and Mako was left to be raised by his Granduncle (one of only 3 other survivors, all of them older than 70).

By the time Mako turned ten, his Granduncle died and left him as the only one left of the once so great clan Tomoshibi.

His childhood mostly considered of training, as his Granduncle did not want to leave the clan's faith in the hands of a weakling. This caused Mako to not make any friends, as he always was busy training.

He became a chunin at the age of 8, then further a jonin at the age of 10.

Also, his eyes, who seems pretty cold, kept people away from him. No one knew that he never had felt the love of a parent or such, just a uncle who trained and treated him as a tool who would restore the honor of the Tomoshibi clan.

Despite his grey childhood, he grew into a peace-loving ninja, only wanting to defend his village. At the age of 12, he became the leader of a team, with members older than himself ( 15, 16 and 16). He soon became friends with his comrades, even though he almost always kept quiet and to himself. Mako liked it that way, and the other respected hims both as a friend and a superior.

As the leader of the team, they succeeded many missions, but one day, it all ended fatally wrong.

As the Team came over a survivor of the Kaguya-clan (A powerful member of the clan, who had trained himself to become greater than anyone before him in order defeat the survivors of the Tomoshibi-Clan) alongside a large group of missing ninjas from several countries, Mako lost his temper, and made wrong decision who made the mission a fatal failure. He let his rage, hate and despair get the best of him, and sent his team into a deathly fight. He himself survived, but just barely. 

After an astonishing and bloody fight, Mako and the Kaguya fell into a great river. The Kaguya died, leaving Mako with lethal damages. As Mako finally was tossed up at the riverside, he was found by some bypassing Nomads, who saved his life using non-medical-ninja medicine-treatment, which is one of the reasons (the other being the severeness of the damages) that his scars are as visible as they are.
He stayed with the nomads for a while ( From he was 14 until almost 15), and honed his fighting skills before returning home to face the shame. One of his comrades had survived, but had lost both her legs.

After that time, Mako insisted to do solo-missions, terrified to lead others into death once again. This also made him quite unsocial, and he tend to keep people away, afraid that if he lets them in, he'll lead them to death.

Weapons: One bade and one special knife that are designed to lead chakra (these two weapons earlier belonged to his father), and also the common ninja-tools, such as shurikens and kunai-knifeves. He also has a slim shiv, as seen in the ref-sheet.

Accecories: Two rings on his lower arm that suppress chakra for several purposes.


From 1-10: 9. He's honed his nijutsu-skills near to perfection, but many of his jutsus, also those he prefers to use, are very exhausting to use for his body.


From 1-10: 9. He's also trained his own clans special 

Genjutsu-level (1-10): 3. He's got basic knowledge of genjutsu, but  he's not very skilled at using it and haven't focused on learning it either.

Stamina (1-10): 10. He hates to give up. He never does.

Physical Strength (1-10): 7

Mind (1-10): 10. He inherited his mothers brain, as his uncle used to tell him.

Likes: Midnight walks, animals, peace, training, among other things.

Dislikes:  War, lead others, to lose.

Favorite food:  Pineapple. Just clean pineapple.

Dislikes: Raw meat.


It was so much fun drawing him again ! XP
I'll see if I can get to draw a new ref-sheet for one of my other characters, Natama Domenda, similar to this one, in the nearest future X3
I'll also see if I'll perhaps color this sheet sometime or not, instead of leaving it as a flat-color XP
The anatomy is once again a bit off, but when I started, I didn't intend to make it into a ref-sheet like this XP

Anyway, that was a rant XP I hope you like him and have a good day! :)

Naruto Universe: Masashi Kishimoto
Art&Character: :iconteddylama:

New ID by TeddyLama
New ID
Hehe...Came to think of that my last ID is from two years back, so it would be about time I put up a new one XP

Oufh, it's a shame it had to be a selfie, but I very, very rarely look normal in pictures other people take of me as I'm usually just goofing around XP So here I at least look some kind of normal xP

I have another haircut from my last ID, but then again I've had this haircut for...well, not too long after I took the last ID XP

I've also started with glasses now, though, started with them in the spring when I noticed that my sight really wasn't too good when I started practicing driving XD I didn't see too well in the dark, so I checked my sight, and found out that my eyes focus on two different places, though this is not visible on the outside. This did, though, explane why I tended to see double in my classes, which I until then had though that had been caused by lack of sleep XP I'm also a bit near-sighted, and astigmatism on one  I didn't really have as good sight as I thought XP Though, with the glasses, my sight is good, but it can be a bit annoying as I need to wear them most of the day (except when I'm going to sleep....obviously...XP), and I can't use lenses as that wouldn't help >.< But, I see well when I drive and in genereall, and I've got my drivings-license this summer, so I got that going on for me, which is nice ! XP

Wow, that was a rant, sorry for that! XP

Hope you're doing good, and have a nice day ! :D
The usual list to keep a track for myself of what I have to do and the progress of if:)

To do:

Art-trade with :iconcima2212:

Have a good day ! :)

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